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EpiVision Release Notes / Version 1.8 / 19.12.2021

V1.8 Multilingual

Overview new features:


  • Unification and optimization of the user interface
  • Increase of usability

New Features: 

  • Multilingual user interface in German and English (additional languages can be added if required)
  • Duplication of projects for localization into different target languages
  • Ability to select target and source language for localization projects directly in the tool
  • Project logs in English language
  • Unification of operation for Windows and Mac users: no more Alt-Ctrl necessary for Windows users
  • now also PDFs – among many other formats – importable as manuscript


  • Bug-Fixes



We have standardized and optimized the user interface in many areas. As a result, working with EpiVision has become even easier and better. For example, important status messages have been enlarged and placed centrally so that users can immediately grasp the information that is important to them.

New Features:

Multilingual user interface

EpiVision is now available as a tool in several languages. By default, a German and an English EpiVision version can be selected in the User Settings. Other languages (French, Spanish, etc.) can be added as required at the customer’s request.

Source and target language selection

The operation when using EpiVision in multilingual localization projects has become even easier. The source and target languages can now be set directly in the administration menu for the respective project.

Project logs in English language

In all versions, the project logs are now available in English.

Unification of operation for Windows and Mac

Regardless of whether Mac or Windows platforms are used to work with EpiVision, the same keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts are now available for all users.

Extension import function

Now, in addition to Html, Word and Open Office documents, also PDFs can be imported as manuscripts. This makes working with EpiVision even more flexible. Because regardless of the format of the delivered manuscript, it can be imported into the tool at any time with just a few clicks and used for further localization in EpiVision.