Roadmap - our planning

The evolution of EpiVision

At EpiVision, we know exactly what makes a practical software for you. Thus, all our further developments are implemented on the basis of your suggestions. All EpiVision functions have been tested by us for relief and time savings in the work process and only then have they been incorporated into the development process.

The best thing about it is that no matter who comes up with a problem or a simplification, EpiVision becomes easier and better for everyone, including you, every time.



V1.8 Multilingual

EpiVision V1.8 is a major redesign of the software with new features such as multi-language support and PDF import.

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Roadmap EpiVision

February 2022
v 1.8.1

Export Module

VTT files can now be extracted for subtitling.

All export formats have been redesigned.

February 2022

Working on multiple windows

The video can now be loaded in a separate window. This allows working with two screens.


Browser based recording

A speaker can now be invited to EpiVision to record individual roles or role groups in the browser. These recordings can then be downloaded by the admin from the EpiVision cloud in best quality.