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Digitize your
voiceover and dubbing projects with EpiVision software.

EpiVision makes
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Localization with EpiVision

Our cloud-based management tool for voiceover and dub localization projects digitally maps the complete workflow of any project. You no longer need to switch back and forth between Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, and other tools, but can process the entire project end-to-end in EpiVision – from manuscript delivery to customer acceptance and final voice recording. Speaker-related structuring of takes and their translation can be edited with frame or millisecond precision and always in sync with the picture, individually or in a team with different role assignments. Intelligent tools and mechanisms ensure efficient, secure and error-minimizing project processing. And all this in an easy-to-use tool that keeps everything at your disposal.

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With EpiVision, the entire project control is easy to implement. The cloud-based tool is intuitive to use and facilitates the distribution of tasks to internal and external employees.

The usual work processes are mapped seamlessly from delivery to shipment. Flexible rights management ensures fast, secure implementation of the project.

Project files no longer need to be sent, traditional sources of error are eliminated. The logging of all data accesses significantly increases data security and transparency.

Communication between stakeholders during the project is simplified and partially automated. Both the project manager and the customer can view the progress of the project at any time.

In film and video business, it is imperative to meet deadlines without leaving the given budget. EpiVision helps with this, and its use can significantly reduce project lead times. All exchanged data is always encrypted according to the highest security standards. The high scalability ensures great flexibility in business planning. Basically, workflows are streamlined and optimized, all parties involved are always kept fully informed, and scheduling and speaker planning are facilitated. EpiVision – fast, efficient and secure.